Business marine finance & leasing

At Money One, we understand how important it is for you to have the right vehicle for your business. We will work hard to make sure you get the lowest marine finance interest rates and a jet ski loan which is hassle free and tax effective.

Our professional loan consultants are available to answer your questions around marine finance and business leasing 24 hours a day on 1300 770 599. If you don’t feel like talking but would like a quick quote, simply fill out the form on the right. If you’re ready to apply, you can place a jet ski finance application here in just 3 minutes!

Interest rates from 4.39%*

One of the many benefits of working with Money One is the access to a wide range of our lending partners. Interest rates for business marine finance start as low as 4.39%*. We understand that keeping jet ski finance and marine lease costs to a minimum is important to you which is why we help you get the lowest possible interest rate on today’s market.

Low doc or no doc jet ski loans

Being self-employed means that sometimes you are unable to meet your up to date financial documentation generally required to secure a jet ski loan. Money One have amazing no-doc and low doc jet ski loan deals for business owners. Normally, financiers require two years of personal and business tax returns in support of an application which is sometimes not possible at the time you want jet ski finance.

With Money One jet ski loans, you’ll have access to low doc and no doc jet ski loans from lenders with more flexible documentation and income verification requirements, avoiding unnecessary obstacles and bypassing the high interest rates of banks.

Chattel mortgages – commercial hire purchase

A chattel mortgage can be an effective way of financing a jet ski as it will allow you to have ownership of the watercraft but your lender holds a mortgage on it until it is paid in full. Contact us today to see if a chattel mortgage for a jet ski is right for your needs.

Reduce your income tax

At Money One, we look at the whole picture and consider everything from the repayment plan to the type of finance as well as the interest rates so that your costs are kept low. With various jet ski and marine finance options available, you can rest assured we will find the one that best suits your business needs.